Monday, November 7, 2011

The Lord has dealt bountifully with me

That's right. We are parents of a precious little baby, due in May 2012. 

It's been nearly impossible to contain mr g's excitement about our new addition and because of that I've realized how blessed I really am. Nearly one year after our vows and I've found myself falling even deeper in love with my husband just because of this baby that is barely the size of a fig. 

If I didn't already know of mr g's love for me, it's become even more apparent in the last 3 months. He's been so completely selfless, attentive and just keeps sacrificing himself time and time again. 

His words the other day touched me: "If you will allow me to take care of the house, cook and take care of you during these 9 months, I am sure you will more than make up for it by taking care of me after that."

 I am blessed that I have a husband who considers it a woman's highest calling in life is to be a wife, mother and homemaker.

 I am blessed that he is willing to sacrifice his wants and needs for me and baby g.

I am blessed he wants to protect and provide.

I am blessed when he stops several times a day to place his hand on my tummy
and prays for the tiny life inside.


Gracious is the Lord, and
Yes, our God is merciful.
Return to your rest, O my
For the Lord has dealt 
bountifully with you. 

Psalm 116: 5,7


  1. Congratulations!

    I stumbled across your first picture in this post on Pinterest. :) I love the idea.

  2. Me too! I love the photos :)

    Many blessings on baby G...

  3. Congratulations!! These pictures are adorable!!

  4. I just found your blog from Pinterest...Congratulations how exciting and your blog is super sweet and I cant wait to see more.

  5. congrats! you better watch out me and mr. x
    (my hubby xavier) is the same way so loving and always so happy and excited about our growing life together, well e will be married 11 years andwe now have 7 kids! so watch out that love is dangerous ;D

  6. Hey! You gotta BOTH take care of each other all your lives! Not just during pregnancy! That's what a partnership is all about! :)

  7. I just found your blog through Pinterest....and y'all are a seriously cute, adorable, precious couple! Congratulations! I love your blog, and how much you adore your sweet husband. :)

  8. Hi - I love your photos and would love to speak with you about licensing them for a nationally syndicated talk show. Please give me a call at 212.259.1669.

    Thank you!

  9. awww...such a lovely story, a great husband, and a nice photo shoot :)
    although this post is 2 years old, just saw it on Pinterest...came here and wanted to drop by a comment :)
    best wishes,

  10. Congradulations to both of you, I found this image on Google and I would love to use it in an upcoming blog post on cute ways to announce you are pregnant. Would that be ok?