Monday, November 26, 2012

I love this little app called *Instagram.* For a busy mommy like me, I don't have time to blog or journal, like ever, so this is a fun way to track the highlights of our daily life! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Love Multiplies

What started as giddy, excited, new love...

soon would be anticipating, love without seeing, but knowing...

 our lives and love would never be the same when our beautiful daughter made her appearance... 

and became steadfast, faithful: LOVE through real life.

Monday, April 30, 2012

A peek into the last 5 months

It's been 5 long months since my last post. It's been the most difficult and the most wonderful. Pregnancy has slapped me upside the head in a way I never expected. Somewhere I got the idea that pregnancy was easy, wonderful and like a bed of roses. In my case it definitely has not. 7 months of morning sickness later and now reaching the point of complete misery at 36 weeks and believe it or not, I am ready for this baby to come!

In the last 5 months we bought a HOUSE! God allowed us this additional blessing of a place to call our own with less living expenses. We've had fun fixing rooms up as much as we can for now, and it's wonderful to get to enjoy our hard work (and the hard work of our talented family. We wouldn't have accomplished nearly as much without their willingness to work).

Today marked a significant change in my life as I've known it. As of today, I am a stay at home mom. Whoa, looking at the just make me feel old. No offense, I just have this weird idea of myself still being 16. Mr g is working hard so that I can have a month before the baby arrives to rest and finish up a few projects without working. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful husband that is willing to sacrifice so I can be with our baby!

 I'm excited and overwhelmed trying to prioritize and organize how my life will look like from now on. I have so many expectations, but I don't want to burn myself out in the first week! So many ideas, so many projects... but at least until the baby comes, my top priority is sleeping in till 9am everyday! :)

Just for fun, here are a few before and after pictures of our bathroom:







My new canvas artwork found at Ross for $12.99. It completed my look.

What we did: replaced that icky blue carpet with vinyl tile, removed the nasty sliding glass doors in the shower, modified the vanity so the door could open completely (making the room feel much bigger), pulled down that lovely  blue wallpaper, repainted the walls and trim, replaced the toilet and replaced the vanity light.