Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Any "gods?"

Exodus 22:20 He who sacrifices to any god, except to the
 Lord only, he shall be utterly destroyed.

Strong. Solemn.Warning... our God is a jealous God.

 I find a similar idea in the relationship with my husband. Would I even dream of pouring out my time, energy, and adoration to a man other than Tyler? Don't you think he might be jealous if I began cleaning, cooking and spending large amounts of time with another man? To do so, would clearly be out of Biblical bounds.

That screams sin.

How is it then, that it is so often dismissed when we pour out our time, energy and adoration to another "god?"

Yes, I'm guilty of just that. I've sacrificed to many others besides my One True God. Oh, and just so we're all the same page, another god doesn't necessarily mean a little golden buddha. Mine are my body, my earthly life, and entertainment.  I've spent more hours than I'd like to admit towards my physical appearance. I've given in to the worry and fret of this life. I've let the world's entertainment swallow precious moments away from my devotion time.

I've fallen short. What God desires of me is my undivided attention. Just like my husband when I get home from work.

 God deserves all of your devotion, adoration and worship. Don't forget, to give that to another "god" would mean utter destruction.

 Let's pray for a renewed devotion to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

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  1. I was reading about God's hatred of sin and idolatry this morning. His judgement is inevitable on wickedness....His penalty righteous and just.

    Praising God for the blood of Christ, our shelter from the wrath, and the incredible opportunity to worship and serve this Holy God!