Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Sorry State

My poor true and tried recipes 
are in a very sorry state ever since I got married.
 Nothing more than scraps of paper with a few very sloppy chicken scratches. 

And if someone ever needed instructions, well... they aren't there. 
It's just abbreviated ingredient lists and the directions are in my head.
I brought all my cookbooks with me, but what got left behind at Mom's house were
all the handwritten recipes,
 (which include our favorites from friends and family
that have been collected over the years, plus Grammy's fabulous family tradition recipes).  
Not to mention my mom's worn Home and Garden Cook book that was
her wedding gift.
 It's fondly called the "The Orange Cookbook."
When I need a recipe, I call up my mom and scribble down ingredients and then it gets 
thrown in this generic white (and maybe slightly sticky) binder. 

Being a person that likes to call herself organized, this of course, drives me near insanity.
The solution and rescuing of these precious recipes to come soon...

Update at 7:50pm: Biscuit recipe is MIA. Tyler probably threw it away, and I wouldn't blame him... those scribbles could only mean something to me. Guess what I had to do? Call up my mom. Again. Not that calling her is a bad thing, I just hate calling for the same recipe twice.

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