Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Lovin' 2011: Downtown Seattle and Creation North West

Here is a brief re-cap of our summer vacation to Washington!

We drove to Enumclaw, Washington on Tuesday morning, then set up camp for our stay at Creation North West. That evening we drove 45 minutes in search of a BJ's and feasted on the their famous pazookie (see photos below).

Wednesday morning and afternoon we spent in downtown Seattle. We had an amazing time, visiting our favorite good eats that we found on our honeymoon: the bakery Le Panier and Pike's Place Chowder.

Late Wednesday afternoon we arrived back in Enumclaw for our main destination: Creation Northwest (4 days of Christian concerts). I was in for a little shock when we walked up to the Main Stage and I heard the blaring music and felt the thumping bass in my chest. I will admit I panicked more than slightly, not believing that I had paid money for 4 days of  headache! But I grew accustomed to the noise and we really did enjoy the next few days of worshiping our Creator, despite the extreme exhaustion from lack of sleep, endless walking, standing and ummm... moshing. :)

Tyler and I left Saturday afternoon for some time on our own, drove halfway back home, spent the night in a nice hotel and enjoyed our drive back to our lovely home this afternoon.

::: Enjoy the snapshots from downtown Seattle :::

Our favorite bakery and coffee shop in Seattle

I didn't take a picture on our honeymoon (I guess my mind was
 elsewhere),but this is the hotel we stayed back in November.

We drove 45 minutes for this: The Pazookie at BJ's

On left: Summer 2011 === On right: 8 months earlier on our honeymoon!

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  1. I enjoy your pictures have an eye for photography! And....I am craving a doughnut now. lol