Friday, May 10, 2013

Being a Mamma

Being a mamma means bags under your eyes that make up could never cover ...
but this bedhead is worth it!

Being a mama means lots of feeding problems...
but, oh, that double chin is worth it.

Being a mamma means experiencing some pretty terrifying things during labor...
but the fulfilling feeling of a sleeping baby on your chest can't be replaced.

Being a mamma means learning all over again how to be a wife...
but seeing this every bedtime is so worth it. 

Being a mamma means having perpetually messy floors...
but watching her learn is worth it.

Being a mamma means stretch marks, 
confusion on how best to care for your child,
needing more patience than you ever thought possible,
and learning that the world doesn't revolve around you (and it never did)...
but I am so thankful God chose me and gives me the strength for this calling.
I am privileged. I am blessed beyond words.

And thank you to my mother. I have no words to express how thankful
I am for your sacrifices.
 I could not know how much you did for me, without first experiencing
 these things myself.
I love you!

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