Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Part 1: Of the Faithless & Faithful One

I like to think back in years. For example, I like to think, what was happening one year ago, today. 

Of course, sometimes thinking back to the past, dwelling on anniversaries and specific events can bring grief back to the forefront and suck the joy right out of our present circumstances.
 That's not my purpose of this post. 

I'm not going to review the past for the purpose of grief but for the purpose of joy and for the purpose of moving forward and beyond. For change.

A year ago today, I'm sure I was wallowing in self pity and most definitely doubting God's goodness and plan. That's pretty common for a girl named Grace. Worry seems to be her best friend. 

But why does it need to be so? 

Why must I be the polar opposite of what I should be? 
God has always proven more than faithful, more than good. 
He's been my opposite. When I was faithless, He's been faithful. 

Here's the proof:
Husband & Wife

Even amidst my doubting, fearful, even angry heart... God has provided every last blessing that I have NOT deserved. And that is a whole other conversation for another day. 

So the reason for looking back are two lessons for today. 
1] What am I worrying about?  Whatever it is, I need to give it to God and have faith in His goodness, because His plan is so perfect. 
2] God has blessed me far more than I deserve. Part 2 coming on that soon. 

Where is God proving opposite of you in your life today? 

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