Sunday, March 13, 2011

Six on Sunday: List #1

1. I operate in lists. I have a list for any aspect of me: work lists, grocery lists, menu lists, chore lists. If there is something to do, it's probably on a list. That's why I heart Six on Sunday. It's easy and organized. 

2. Creative outlets overwhelm me. I get discouraged because I want to do it all, and do it all well. If I can't do it well, I end up nothing at all.

 If I didn't have anything else to do with my life besides creating, each day would have it's own creative assignment. My dream world would look a little like this:

Monday: Grace is photographer
Tuesday: Grace is graphic designer
Wednesday: Grace is baker and owner of Miss Gracie's Sweet Shoppe
Thursday: Grace is interior decorator 
Friday: Grace is barista at Miss Gracie's Sweet Shoppe
Saturday: Grace is Cleaning, budgeting, creating spreadsheets and overall being Type A
Sunday: Grace is TIRED

Well, I tried to make it through the week without letting the clean freak/nerd make it's way back into my life. But my sweet husband would remind me that Type A is WHO Grace is.

3. Lifehouse = best band ever. Right now I am listening to every last one of their songs on shuffle.

4. I am satisfied with a 1000 sq foot townhouse. Cleaning eats up my life as it is, why add to it?

5. My picture entry of one of our wedding photos made it as a finalist last Sunday. See it here: If you are looking for a wedding photographer, there is none other I would recommend than Jamie Hudson Photography.

6. I want a new dress for each day of the week. Nothing says spring to me like a fun flirty dress with flip flops.

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  1. #4....that's why I'm in no hurry to finifh our Master Bath! One BR to clean is plenty!